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At Alvair, we are experienced in the delivery of services to the energy sector. Our certified and knowledgeable staff can provide expert consultations, analysis, and designs for the energy sector. To date, Alvair’s personnel have performed such services on industrial plants for approximately USD $1.9B in new capital plant projects. Our energy services include the following:

Should an explosion event be identified as a potential risk at a site, Alvair can offer our expertise to help identify the potential consequence of the blast event and propose methods for reducing the harm caused to people and critical assets. We help create safe working conditions against blast loading.

Our service offerings include:

  • Design and Analysis of Blast Protection Walls
  • Blast Retrofit to buildings and industrial structures
  • Facility Siting Studies

When steel structures are subjected to elevated temperatures, they lose substantial structural integrity, resulting in a safety hazard should the need to escape from a burning facility arise. At Alvair, we can help our clients understand the consequence of jet or pool fire scenarios at industrial facilities, allowing escape times to be established and potentially lengthened with Passive Fire Protection (PFP) coatings. We help create a safe working condition against fire.

Our service offerings included:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of structures subject to fire loading
  • Passive Fire Protection (PFP) Optimization Studies

Safe and reliable plant operations result in increased production due to reduced down time. This is achieved with good structural and mechanical integrity of plant assets and equipment. Alvair’s team can assist plant operators develop and maintain asset integrity programs, to ensure plant integrity and reliability. We help create safe and reliable plant operations.

Our service offerings include the following:

  • Asset Risk Based Inspection Strategy Development
  • General Visual Inspections
  • Anomaly Evaluations and risk rankings

The simulation of transient dynamic processes or extreme nonlinear material behaviors require the use of advanced FEA techniques, which are essential to understanding certain engineering problems. Alvair with the use of our FEA technology and expertise can help our clients with these simulations. We simulate complex engineering problems.

Our service offerings include:

  • Object Impact Analysis (e.g. dropped object studies)
  • Fluid- Structure Interactions
  • Soil – Structure Interactions
  • Material Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
  • Heat Transfer & Thermal Stress
  • Vibration Studies

Alvair can support industrial clients with independent reviews, verification and/or the statutory approval process for plant structures and infrastructure. Depending on the jurisdiction, Structural and Infrastructure designs for plants may require to be either reviewed, verified or ‘certified’ by engineering entities other than the engineer of record. This is where Alvair can add value by our review and/or certification services. The process will typically involve independent designs and review of the plant structures and infrastructure and providing retrofit recommendations or repair designs, in accordance with industry standards and codes.

Our services include:

  • Blast Engineering of Industrial Buildings & Structures
  • Design of Pipe Rack and Module Systems
  • Design of Tank Structures to API 650
  • Design of Foundation Systems for Plant Equipment & Structures
  • Design of Drainage and Sanitation Systems

Offshore structures are subject to extreme environmental loading that differ considerably from land base structures which require very different Structural Engineering expertise. Alvair’s structural engineering team has a wealth of experience in the assessment and modification of offshore structures. We assess and modify offshore structures.

Our service offerings include:

  • Inplace Linear Assessments (Operating, Storm, Fatigue and Strength Level Earthquake Loading Assessments)
  • Inplace Non-Linear Assessments (Ultimate Strength Pushover and Nonlinear Earthquake Timehistory Assessments)
  • Strengthening, Modification and Repair Engineering (Subsea Jackets, Caissons, Helidecks, Working & Production Decks)