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Infrastructure is the foundation that undergirds the structure of an economy. It includes public and private works such as highways, airports, water supplies, docks, electrical grids, and the like. It connects people and supply chains and is essential to a thriving economy. Alvair in collaboration with our partners can offer full-service engineering solutions to all aspects of infrastructure development projects whether inland or in a coastal environment. We can offer design solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable. Our services include the following:

Infrastructure Designx

Infrastructure design encompasses the design development of a diverse range of inland and nearshore development types. This can range from the land transformation for housing or commercial developments, road network planning and designs, coastal protection and marine structures. These projects, by their very nature, may involve significant investments and impact many stakeholders. Alvair through our internal engineering and specialist partners can offer comprehensive solutions to solve our client’s infrastructure needs

Our Infrastructure services bring together many engineering skills and services, from geotechnical, water, structural, civil, electrical, environmental, transportation, and coastal engineering.

Water Engineeringx

Water sustains all life and is an important resource for our planet’s ecosystem wellbeing. Population growth and climate change however has brought on considerable strains on water supplies, drainage networks and sanitation systems. These challenges to the management and sustaining of our water resources have resulted in an increased demand for more complex solutions to water infrastructure. Alvair recognises that balancing the need for safe, reliable water while protecting this critical natural resource for the future requires a deep understanding of the interconnected nature of the water cycle.

Alvair can support all aspects of water engineering from the supply of potable water to understanding flood risks, from drainage to sanitation. Some of our water engineering services include:

  • Design of potable water collection and treatment systems
  • Design of water reticulation systems
  • Design of wastewater treatment systems
  • Design of flood defence systems and drainage

Alvair brings together the best expertise and latest innovations to meet the water challenges facing our clients.