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Project Detailsx

Client :
Ferrostaal Industrial Projects GmbH

Project :
Upgrade Works for the 720MW TGU Power Plant

Location :
Union Industrial Estate,
La Brea,

Project Overviewx

Prior to forming the company, the principals of Alvair were intimately involved in the structural and civil design, planning, approvals and construction of the Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU) Power Plant in La Brea. The power plant, commissioned in 2012 is a cogeneration (combined cycle) 720MW plant consisting of 6 GE Frame 7 gas turbines and 2 GE steam turbines in a ‘Three on One’ configuration which provides efficient power to approximately 50% of Trinidad and Tobago.

In 2015, the EPC for the plant, Eisenbau Essen GmbH (EBE) / Ferrostaal Industrial Projects GmbH was contracted by TGU for reliability upgrade works on the Plant. EBE / Ferrostal subsequently engaged Alvair to provide construction management support and construction management personnel to execute the work.

Subsequent to these works, TGU contracted Alvair to support in the site supervision and design review of miscellaneous works for Wind Crosses, Rotor Extraction Platforms etc.


Services Performedx

Provision of Construction Management and Contracts Management personnel to the EPC for construction and installation of a secondary demineralization water tank, emergency gas supply line with new pipe rack, coalescer filters to the gas turbines, and sound attenuation to the ACC’s.

Provision of site supervision, QA/QC and design review services for various plant improvement activities undertaken directly by the owner, TGU.