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NiQuan GTL Plant

NiQuan Energy Trinidad Limited


Project Overviewx

NiQuan Energy Trinidad Limited is currently in the process of completing the largest GTL (gas-to-liquids) plant in the western hemisphere. GTL fuel is a high performance, low emissions and zero sulphur fuel, which can be used to produce a range of products including jet fuel, road fuel, naphtha, waxes and base oil.

A requirement for the statutory approval of this project is for both the Structural and Drainage designs to be approved by the Ministry of Works and Transport. In the case of structural designs, structural calculations and drawings are to be certified, stamped and signed by a locally registered Structural Engineer. Similarly, for drainage designs both the hydraulic and detention calculations and drainage drawings are required to be certified, stamped and signed by a registered Civil Engineer. NiQuan Energy engaged Alvair to provide engineering reviews and certification of the Plant’s drainage system, buildings, piperacks and modules structures, equipment and tank foundations.

Since the plant was taken over from a previous owner, not all of the engineering drawings and calculations were available for the facility. Where missing, Alvair conducted full designs calculations and drawings to close all gaps.

Any deficiencies found in the previous designs were also reengineered and retrofitted to satisfy present code requirements