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The engineering design of buildings is the process of assembling, analyzing and coordinating various integrated building systems that ensures that it is safe and fully equipped for use. Alvair’s engineering team plans and designs how the structural, mechanical, and electrical elements of our clients’ buildings come together to provide a safe, comfortable and serviceable environment.

Structural Designx

Alvair’s structural design expertise can respond to the diversity and complexity of our client’s building demands. We are able to tackle almost any structure our clients can conceive of and are always willing to take on a difficult structural challenge. Our team’s experience covers a diverse range of building expressions that include the design of high rise-residential apartments, office buildings, sporting facilities, hotels and hospitals, just to mention a few.

Alvair makes use of advanced 3D modeling to design and test structural solutions. This way we are assured before any brick is laid that our structures will perform efficiently and safely when exposed to accidental and environmental load demands.

Our structural models help our engineers see how all components of the design work together, and allow for optimization of the structural system. With our BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology, we can also overlay cost and time to understand the implications of choices (e.g. structural form and materials) for project viability and sustainability.

Building Services – Mechanical Designx

Building mechanical systems such as plumbing, cooling, heating and ventilation systems usually go unnoticed. These however are essential services to the well-being of a building, promoting both comfort and health to its occupants. Once well designed and implemented, mechanical systems are resource-efficient, easy to control and maintain, adaptable and are designed with wellness in mind.

Alvair’s team of mechanical engineers provide  building service solutions that enhance the long-term value of properties. Our clients trust us to deliver solutions that are smart, reliable and sustainable that contribute to the long-term success of their projects. We achieve this by combining creative thinking and technology to produce design solutions that meet wide-ranging needs and maximize efficiency for both new build and refurbishment projects.

Building Services – Electrical Designx

Alvair’s electrical engineering expertise offer elegant solutions to power, light, secure and connect our client’s properties. Our clients trust us to deliver innovative solutions to their electrical or electronic system building challenges.

Our electrical engineers work seamlessly with our mechanical engineers to create complete building services solutions. This collaboration is supported by our use of building information modelling (BIM) technology, which allows our design teams to share an intelligent virtual project prototype.

Our comprehensive services include energy audits, lighting design, power supply design, ICT infrastructure design, Building Automation Systems design and security system design. We can also support LEED projects, where energy efficiency and sustainability are at the forefront.