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Project Detailsx

Project Name:
Cumberland Bridges and River Embankment
Protection Works


St. Vincent.


Project Overviewx

The Spring Village area is located along the Leeward Highway and suffered severe damage as a result of the flooding of the Cumberland River. The catchment is the second largest on the Leeward coast at 46 Km2 and drained by the Cumberland River. The importance of interventions at this location is due to the role it plays with regards to the Hydro Power supply and the maintenance of traffic on the Spring Village Bridge over the Cumberland River. The objective of the project was to design and build a new 26 meter span concrete bridge over the Cumberland river, as well as the repair/reconstruction of small bridges, river embankment protection works and road repairs in specific locations.
Alvair was commissioned by the international funding agency to provide Design Review services for approval of the designs for the new main bridge and other works by the awarded Design-Build contractor.


Services Performedx

Design review and approval of 26m span bridge and 3 minor bridge repairs

Design review of hydraulic calculations and river embankment protection works for Cumberland River

Provided on site Quality Assurance & Quality Control support for the pre-stressing and casting of the 26m AASHTO III beams