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Marion Jones Sports Complex

Project: Marion Jones Sports Complex

Client: Undisclosed

Location: Belize City, Belize


In June 2011, due to the irreparable state of the then main multipurpose facility, the Belize City Center was scheduled for demolition. Since the early 1980’s, the Belize City Center had served as the main event facility for municipal, national, and regional competitions. It was also the main practice facility for the national volleyball and basketball teams. Since 2011, these sports have had to have national team practices and hold its national and high level competitions anywhere possible including outdoor and semi-outdoor facilities. There are only a couple indoor facilities in Belize City (privately owned) and a couple in the rest of the country. It was therefore decided to include in the master plan of the Marion Jones Complex, the construction of a new volleyball and basketball building for training and hosting local tournaments.

Funding for the project was obtained from the Mexican government with conceptual engineering and project management services provided by an international funding and project execution agency. Alvair was contracted by the international funding agency to provide design review services for the building to be built under a Design-Build contract with a local contractor.

Services Performed

  • Design Review of Architectural, Structural and MEP Designs by the Design-Build Contractor
  • Provide expert advice to the project management agency and design engineers resolve technical issues in the structural design

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